Driver management

It is a common practice in most companies around the world to hold employees accountable by recording, tracking and analyzing their work hours in some way. This can be in the form of paper timesheets, time books, workforce management software solutions, time clocks, etc.

When it comes to fleet drivers and workers or contractors operating vehicles in construction, agriculture, healthcare, retail, manufacturing and similar industries, paper timesheets are still widely used today. But this old-fashioned "pen and paper" method has some major drawbacks: staff members may complete the daily procedure a few days late or forget to do so altogether; clerical errors, poorly legible handwriting, inaccuracies or even dishonesty are quite common; and paper sheets may be lost or turned in to a payroll department too late for the given timekeeping period. Overall, this old-school approach is rather impractical and error-prone.

In order to help the management of corporate fleets to run a smooth and efficient business, DoTi presents a practical solution - a system for identifying drivers and the time they use their vehicles.